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How to Save Money on College Textbooks

How To Save Money On College Textbooks

It’s a common trope: going to college ... for textbooks have outgrown inflation by more than three times. Buying textbooks is a necessary evil, but if you plan ahead, there are ways to spend less. read more

7 Ways to Save Money on College

Here are a few tactics for saving money on college -- and avoiding an unhealthy ... Don't pay a premium for textbooks and course materials The average college student spends more than $1,200 on ... read more

Want to save money on college textbooks? Here are some tips

Want to save money on college textbooks? Here are some tips Students are getting smarter about saving money on textbooks. Check out this story on jsonline.com: https ... read more

Here's how students can save some money on college textbooks

While sky-high U.S. college tuition might be the headline number, here is a sneaky little figure that might surprise you: the cost of textbooks. “Atrocious,” said Kashif Ahmed, a financial planner in ... read more

Kids heading back to school or college? Here's how to save money on tech, clothes, textbooks and more

American families are expected to spend record amount for school and college supplies this year ... The chain carries a huge assortment of school supplies for $1. 7 money-saving back-to-school ... read more

Here's how much money you need to save every month to put your kid through 4 years of college

We calculated how much someone would need to save every month to cover four years of a private or in-state public education in 5, 10, or 15 years. read more

4 tricks for saving money on college textbooks

These changes make the 2018-2019 school year the perfect time to save on college textbooks. Here are four ways to cut costs on expensive course materials: The first thing that students should do when ... read more

Survey: Most Students Shop on Amazon to Save Money on Textbooks

According to a recent survey, Amazon is the primary purchase channel for college students to buy their textbooks ... Students reported taking a variety of cost-saving measures for their textbooks: 49 ... read more

ETX college shifting from textbooks to save students money

CARTHAGE, TX (KSLA) - An East Texas college is hoping to save students major cash this Fall by shifting away from textbooks to open educational resources. An OER is a resource that is either in the ... read more

Rent-A-Text program helps Western Mass. college students save money on textbooks

If not, or if the bookstore simply doesn’t know, the student might be stuck with a shelf filled with out-of-date tomes and no money for the fall semester’s books. Melissa M. Chelte, a 21-year-old ... read more

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